Hanker solutions is an offshore software development company, which provides quality technology driven solution and services to small and medium organization across the globe. We help SME’s with ever increasing information processing needs, enabling them to grow with the experience and expertise we have gathered as a team over the years.
We are an specialist in offering offshore development centers (ODC) to create extended team of our clients at our end to support the entire band of product development activities and providing complete turnkey services or handling individual segments of the process, including conceptualizing, design and architect, UI development, functionality development, deployment, QA & testing and Maintenance. Our efficiency as a team and our knowledge and understanding of the offshoring/ outsourcing industry results to shorten time-to-market and futuristic product. We ensure higher quality at reduced cost along with greater innovation to compete in a global marketplace.

Team Hanker

Hanker Solutions is managed by a team of professional technocrats and management professionals with experience from leading multinational companies in the offshore product development arena. Leaders who have industry experience of more than 10 + years with multinational organizations and have been part of delivery teams of turnkey solutions on various industry verticals. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients is a credit to their quality and their leadership. As experienced engineering professionals and analyst our team has the acumen of strategic planning, creative skills, sharp presence of mind and business knowledge to deliver the most optimal solutions to meet your requirements.

We have extensive experience & expertise in all aspects of software development life cycle (SDLC), Product development life cycle (PDLC) gives us an edge over our competitors. Our objective is to develop long-term relationship with our clients, and servicing them. Our professional & experienced team drives at delivering results at the shortest time frame with the best quality. Our engineers possess good English communication skills and we provide VOIP, ISDN, Skype, MSN and emails for client communication.

Our team is highly competent and knowledgeable in custom programming and customer relationship management. We aim at providing highest quality of service in every phase of Client Relationship, from initial contact to follow up support.


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